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The Pros and Cons of Metal Dentures

The Pros and Cons of Metal Dentures

Are you thinking about getting dentures but aren’t sure if metal is the best choice?

Getting dentures is a huge step, but it can be the best decision you ever make. From making eating much easier to give your smile back, getting dentures can change your life for the better!

That being said, there are some pros and cons of metal dentures, so it’s not always the best choice for everyone. Let’s take a look at both sides of the decision so you can decide if metal dentures are right for you.

What Are Metal Dentures?

Metal dentures, also known as cast partial dentures, are a form of partial denture made of gold, chrome-cobalt alloy, or cast removable acrylic. They are held in place by clips or brackets that attach to the natural teeth or implants. This provides improved stability and a more secure fit compared to traditional dentures that are made of acrylic.

The Pros

Metal dentures offer several benefits to individuals who are missing most or all of their teeth. These include the following:

Long-Lasting and Very Durable

Metal dentures are a great choice when it comes to long-lasting and very durable dentures. They are more expensive than regular plastic dentures, but they are worth it because they are more durable. They are very strong and unlikely to break or chip.

Metal dentures stay firmly rooted in your mouth, unlike plastic dentures which can slip and fall out. They can last up to ten years with proper care.

Resist Staining

Unlike other denture materials, the metal alloy used in metal dentures is less porous. This means that it will not absorb as much food, liquid, or debris as easily. This helps to reduce staining that can occur due to food particles being stuck on the denture.

They also have a naturally glossy finish that helps to repel staining. This finish causes food particles to slide off the metal material easier, reducing staining and, ultimately, the amount of cleaning and maintenance needed on the denture.

The Resilience of Metal Dentures Is Immaculate

Metal dentures provide a resilient alternative to other dentures. This is especially beneficial for those who are at risk from soft tissue recession due to ill-fitting dentures.

They have inherent strength and tolerate uses such as eating hard foods. Additionally, the contours of metal dentures conform more comfortably to the gums. This makes it less susceptible to damage due to wear and tear.

This gives patients an extra level of comfort, security, and the assurance that their upper partial dentures will not break or wear out due to their fantastic durability.

Don’t Cause Any Allergic Reaction

They don’t cause any allergic reactions. This makes them a great option for individuals with sensitive skin.

Unlike dentures made from polymers, metal dentures don’t absorb water. It allows them to remain water-tight and fungus-free, protecting the gums from bacteria and infection.

Easily Adjusted

The main advantage of getting dentures is that they can be easily adjusted to the shape of the mouth and properly held in place. Because these dentures are easily adjusted, they can be fitted to the exact shape of the mouth within minutes. This underscores their importance in providing comfort and a better look for people who need dentures.

The Cons of Metal Dentures

Metal dentures have some significant drawbacks that may make them a less-than-ideal choice when it comes to addressing tooth loss and restoring your smile. These include the following:

More Expensive

Metal dentures tend to be made of more expensive materials and are usually more complex in design. Because they are more complex, they require more expensive and extensive manufacturing processes. This greatly increases the price of metal dentures and can make them unaffordable for some.

The repair and maintenance cost for metal dentures is also usually much higher than that of traditional dentures. That is why it isn’t ideal for everyone.

Can Cause a Metallic Taste in the Mouth

When adjustments are made too quickly, metal dentures can cause a metallic taste in the mouth. This can be quite unpleasant for the wearer and may even affect the taste of food.

Massive and Weighty

Metal dentures are massive and weighty, a major drawback for a denture wearer. The heavy weight of these dentures may make it difficult to wear them comfortably and may even cause physical pain.

They are not adjustable and must be fitted by a professional, which may also be a hassle for older wearers. The metal dentures are also subject to corrosion and may require a lot of tweaking and cleaning.

May Not Be as Aesthetically Pleasing

The metal frame of these dentures can make them not as aesthetically pleasing. Many other types of dentures are made from materials that can give a more natural-looking appearance, such as acrylic or porcelain.

Their metal frame may be more easily visible when someone smiles, giving an unnatural appearance. This makes them not the best option for those who want their denture to look natural and be comfortable to wear.

Can Trap Food

Metal dentures can trap food, which can be a serious problem. When food gets trapped in hard-to-reach places, it can cause bad breath and a lack of confidence in social and professional situations. It can also increase the risk of gum disease, as trapped food can lead to an increase in bacteria in the mouth.

For those with metal dentures, good oral hygiene practices like brushing and flossing daily, as well as regular visits to the dentist, are imperative to maintain clean and healthy dentures.

Are Metal Dentures Right for You?

Metal dentures offer strength and durability to your teeth, making them an ideal option for those seeking longer-lasting dentures. However, they are not without their drawbacks, such as comfort and aesthetics.

Ultimately, it is important to talk to a dental professional to determine if metal dentures are right for you. Start your journey by scheduling an appointment today.

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