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Common Dex Moines Home Heating Problems

Common Dex Moines Home Heating Problems

Heating and cooling systems are two things that help define an advanced society. They also are mechanical systems that require electricity and a fuel source for those systems that burn gas or fuel to create heat for your home. When working properly, your home’s heating and cooling system keeps the indoor temperature at an ideal comfort level.

Iowa winters can be very cold and last for many months. The average winter temperature in Des Moines ranges from right around the freezing point for highs to lows in the upper teens. Unfortunately, there are many potential issues that could make your heating and cooling system inefficient and possibly fail at the worst time during the winter months. Here are four common problems are as under:

Causes of Defective Heating System

1. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

If you have a heating system that uses gas or fuel to produce heat, it also produces carbon monoxide. The amount produced is harmless when your heater is working its best. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for a home heating system to become inefficient and carbon monoxide to reach a dangerous and potentially deadly level. Worse, you can’t smell carbon monoxide, which is why many homeowners put carbon monoxide detectors in their homes.

2. Gas Leaking Into Your Home

If your home’s heating system uses natural gas or propane, the gas might leak into your home if the lines are defective or their connecting points are loose. When gas leaks into your home, you might notice what smells like rotten eggs and possibly feel lightheaded. The smell comes from an additive to natural gas and propane, so it’s possible to smell the gas instead of letting it fill your home and possibly combust or asphyxiate one or more family members.

3. Uneven Heating in Rooms

A poorly working heating system might not heat all rooms equally. A bad blower inside the heater might not circulate heat and drive it through the ventilation system as it should. You also might have something blocking vents or cutting off airflow inside the ventilation system. A heating and cooling technician can inspect the problem and ensure the heat circulates properly. A properly flowing heating and cooling system should work equally well in all rooms inside your home.

4. Heating System Cycling

Sometimes, a heating or cooling system will turn on, run for a relatively short period and then shut off. It might start up again a few minutes later without affecting the indoor air temperature. When a heating system continuously cycles on and off, there’s a problem that is costing you more money to do less for your home. Replacing the thermostat might fix the problem, but other issues might cause it to happen, too.

Preventive Maintenance Protects Heating and Cooling Systems

The need for annual heating system maintenance is never more important than just before winter begins. An annual late-fall service on your heating system will help ensure it works efficiently and keeps your home warm, comfortable, and safe. It’s important to ensure the kind of reliable heating and cooling Des Moines homes need to stay comfortable throughout the year by servicing them in the spring and fall.

A complete lack of heat is always a problem on a cold day in Des Moines. A heating system might cease working for many reasons that might involve a problem with the electrical, gas, or mechanical components. Routine inspection and maintenance service done by a qualified and experienced technician will help ensure reliable service from your home’s heating and cooling system.

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