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Introduction to Backflow Testing

Introduction to Backflow Testing

If you own or manage a commercial property, you know that annual backflow testing is a necessary requirement enforced by local plumbing codes and health departments. But you may still have questions about the details of these critical tests. Read on for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about backflow testing from plumbing companies in Las Vegas.

Why Is Backflow Testing Necessary?

Why Is Backflow Testing Necessary?

Backflow testing¬†ensures that your property’s potable water lines are properly protected from potential contamination. Certain commercial properties like industrial facilities, hospitals, laboratories, and properties with boilers or fire sprinkler systems require specialized valves and regular testing to make sure there is no backflow of unsanitary water into the public drinking supply. Annual testing by certified technicians is required by law to protect public health.

Who Can Perform Backflow Tests?

Backflow tests must be conducted by qualified technicians holding specialized licenses and certifications for testing backflow preventers. Research local plumbing companies to find one that employs certified backflow technicians to handle your annual testing and pass inspections. Reputable plumbing companies make scheduling and managing all required backflow testing easy.

What Does the Backflow Test Entail?

Certified technicians perform a series of evaluations on-site to test that your backflow preventers are in good working order and provide maximum protection against backflow and contamination. Tests determine whether each preventer passes or fails inspection so issues can be corrected as needed. The testing process causes water discharge, so the area should be prepared accordingly.

How Much Does Backflow Testing Cost?

Backflow testing costs can vary depending on your property size, number of devices, and local rates. Expect to budget $100-250 per test for traditional mechanical backflow preventers. Testing of more complex devices like reduced pressure zone (RPZ) valves carries a higher cost. Reputable plumbing companies provide upfront quotes with no hidden fees.

Do I Need to Be Present for the Test?

Your presence is not necessary during the testing process as long as a certified technician has access to all locations of backflow devices on the property. However, you may choose to observe part of the process to gain familiarity with your systems. The technician can review which devices passed or failed inspection and make recommendations for any necessary repairs.

What If a Device Fails Inspection?

If testing determines that any of your backflow preventers are not functioning properly and fail inspection, they must be repaired immediately and re-tested prior to passing reinstatement. A reputable plumbing company handles all steps of the repair and re-testing process so that you maintain compliance until the next annual test.

When Do Backflow Preventers Need to Be Replaced?

Backflow preventers have a typical lifespan of 5 to 10 years. Even if your devices are passing annual tests, it’s wise to consider replacement once they reach 10 years old or earlier if you notice any signs of wear and tear. Some indications that it may be time for replacement include difficulty maintaining water pressure, corroded external components, recurring failures on annual tests, or leaking water. Your certified backflow inspector can advise you if replacement appears needed. Replacing ageing devices avoids disruption if they were to fail unexpectedly.

What Backflow Testing Documentation Is Required?

When testing is complete, the plumbing company must provide you with complete documentation showing updated testing status for all your backflow prevention devices. This documentation is a critical compliance record and should be retained according to local requirements as proof of passing inspection.

Partnering with qualified plumbing companies takes the hassle out of annual backflow testing. Reputable technicians make the process efficient so you can keep your property compliant and your drinking water safe from contaminants due to backflow. Schedule certified testing without delay to meet all local health and safety codes related to your backflow prevention devices. Protecting potable water infrastructure is a priority for your community.

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