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5 Signs of Bed Bugs in Your Home

One in five homes in the United States exhibits signs of bed bugs every single year. This is a huge number of people who suffer from the effects of infestations and want ways to get rid of them. Would you even know what the signs of bed bugs are so you could remove them from your home if you had them?

The following are five of the most common signs. By reading through these, you can educate yourself on how to spot them so you can take the next logical step: Eradicating them.

1. You Start Finding Bites

It will be very obvious if you get up out of bed with itchy spots on your skin. This is one of the early signs of bed bugs. As these pests are nocturnal, you are likely to find they are much more active at night, so they tend to prey on people when they sleep.

You might also find bites on pets if they sleep in the same area as you, and bed bugs might even exist on pet beds.

The bites from a bed bug infestation tend to be small, itchy, red spots that appear in a line. If this is what you have, there is every chance bed bugs are why.

2. Bloodstains on Your Sheets

As bed bugs feed, they leave behind small amounts of their primary sustenance, blood. Look over your bedding to see if you can find small flecks or spots of red in the location where you sleep. These specks might be brown after long enough, so understand they might not appear as bright as fresh blood.

3. Dark Spotting on the Mattress

It is not only blood that you might see on the bed. Pull up the corners and seams of the mattress to look for places the bugs cluster during the day. If you see brown or black staining or flicking, you are likely looking at bed bug feces.

4. Allergic Reactions

Some people might have allergies to pests such as bed bugs. This is not guaranteed, so do not take a lack of it for proof it is not these creatures.

Signs of a bed bug allergy might be swollen or itchy eyes or more severe allergy symptoms when one goes to bed, such as difficulty breathing. Over time, this could even be harmful, so resolve the situation as fast as you can.

5. You See the Living Bugs

Of course, the most obvious sign of having a bed bug problem is by seeing them. If you turn on the light at night and see the tiny, red creatures on the bed, you have an infestation. In that case, is time to visit this pest control company to get rid of the bed bugs.

Act When You Find Signs of Bed Bugs

Now you know what the signs of bed bugs are, you should get rid of them. Your options tend to be hiring a professional, or seeking out DIY solutions. If you want to know more, our site can help you out.

We have articles that talk about a wide range of topics, including what to do if you find pests in your home. So, take a look at our blog and get the peace of mind you need.

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