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A Brief History of Viking Jewelry

A Brief History of Viking Jewelry

While most popular jewelry might change with trends, there are a few pieces that transcend the time frame–Viking jewelry is one of these. It adapts to every change in fashion and is a timeless piece that works for all occasions, no matter what gloss you’re trying to achieve.

Viking jewelry comes in various materials and styles, from practical to showy. Whether you wish to invest in a statement piece or would rather have an amount that can go with everything, you’ll be able to find Viking jewelry that works for you.

So whether you’re interested in Viking brooches or want to know about their rings, continue reading to learn about the history of Viking jewelry.

Ancient Origins of Viking Jewelry

Since the Bronze Age, Vikings have worn metal on their bodies and clothes. Most likely, the native people the Norse settlers met on their trips taught them how to make these things.

The ancient Vikings made necklaces and pins from amber, glass, valuable metals, beads, and stones. Due to the way silver reflects light and looks like the moon, it is thought that the Vikings thought it had special powers.

Traditional Materials and Techniques of Viking Jewelry

Traditional materials and techniques for crafting Viking jewelry included filigree, soldering, inlay, granulation, and plaiting. These techniques helped to create light and durable jewelry pieces that could be effortlessly worn.

Vikings were also known for their creative use of gemstones. They use amber, turquoise, amethyst, and crystal.

Symbolic Representations Within Viking Jewelry

Viking jewelry often featured symbolic representations of deep cultural and religious significance to the Norse people. Here are some of the commonly found symbolic representations within Viking jewelry:


The ancient Norse writing system known as runes was frequently incorporated into Viking jewelry. Each rune had its meaning and magical properties. Runes were believed to possess the power to bring luck, protection, and spiritual guidance.


In Norse folklore, Yggdrasil, also known as the “World Tree,” is a very important symbol. It shows how everything in the world is connected to each other.

In Viking jewelry, Yggdrasil is often shown by its branches and roots. It’s usually adorned with birds, dragons, and snakes.


Animals like wolves, bears, ravens, and snakes were often shown on Viking jewelry. In Norse folklore, these animals had many different meanings. For example, wolves stood for strength, bears for courage, birds for intelligence, and serpents for fertility.

Animal images like these are often found on arm rings. It is also used in the designs of armbands to send specific messages or bring out the qualities that the wearer wants.

If you want to have your own piece of Viking jewelry, purchase a Viking arm ring here. This will allow you to connect with the rich cultural heritage and display a symbol of prestige and influence.

Wear an Exquisite Viking Jewelry Today

Viking jewelry is an enduring symbol of a rich and unique culture. The merging of styles and motifs from Northern and Southern Europe and the Middle East has resulted in a complex style that continues to entice modern-day admirers.

Crafting and wearing Viking jewelry is a great way to show appreciation for Viking culture – so why not take a moment and create or discover a unique piece today?

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