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Unveiling the Power of Background Music in Restaurants

Power of Background Music in Restaurants

The music you select as background for your restaurant will significantly impact customer experiences. Your playlist selection should align with your brand and set you apart.

The tempo of the music can also affect your patrons’ behavior. Faster music can encourage customers to eat quicker, while slow music encourages them to stay longer and increase per-person spending.

Boosts Sales

The choice of music in a restaurant impacts more than just the mood; it also influences customer spending. Research has shown that customers who visit restaurants playing soft and slow-tempo music spend more money than those visiting locations with loud and fast music. The music signals consumers what experience to expect at a particular location, influencing their purchasing decisions.

Aside from your chosen music’s specific genre and tempo, the key is ensuring it aligns with your establishment’s concept and brand identity. Music that doesn’t match your restaurant will only alienate customers rather than attract them.

Additionally, it is important to note that federal copyright laws regarding the public performance of music apply to restaurants. Playing background music that isn’t licensed through a professional service could result in fines and legal action.

In addition to ensuring your music is properly licensed, using a service that curates playlists specifically for the hospitality industry can ensure your restaurant’s selections are fresh and relevant. Avoid using iPods, iPads or internet radio sites, which often include commercials and chatter that can clash with your brand. Ultimately, the most effective restaurant music isn’t just about boosting sales – it’s about creating an emotional connection with your guests that increases loyalty and inspires them to share their great experiences with others.

Enhances the Dining Experience

If you want to boost your restaurant’s table turnover or encourage people to linger longer in the dining room, your chosen music tempo can impact your specific business goals. Fast-tempo music has been shown to inspire customers to eat faster, boosting table turnover. Slow-tempo music, on the other hand, has been found to make customers eat more slowly and enjoy their meals for longer.

The type of background music for restaurants you play should match your brand identity and the mood you’re trying to create in the restaurant. Classical music, for example, can create a calming and peaceful atmosphere. R&B and soul music, on the other hand, will help create a relaxed and mellow vibe. You can also find instrumental versions of popular songs or explore artists like Ludovico Einaudi or Yiruma for beautiful instrumental compositions to help your guests relax and enjoy their meals.

Remember that loud music can detract from the dining experience and make customers uncomfortable. Crank the volume up or down throughout the day, but always consider the ambiance your establishment is trying to create.

Increases Social Interactions

The right restaurant music is as important as the decor, staff, and food. It helps create a harmonious blend that sets you apart from competitors and leaves guests with an unforgettable experience.

A study found that restaurants with well-curated music that matches the concept of the establishment can boost sales by up to 15.6 percent. Conversely, music that doesn’t match your brand can drive customers away, making it important to find the perfect balance.

When music is loud enough to drown out conversations, it can negatively impact customer satisfaction. In addition, it may distract diners from noticing how much their meal costs and can cause them to over-order.

Choosing low-volume music that fits your restaurant’s theme can help you avoid this problem. It’s also important to ensure your chosen music matches your target audience. For example, a bar would want to play something other than heavy metal music as it may turn off the older crowd that is its typical clientele.

Another thing to consider is that music influences the emotions of your patrons. For instance, listening to fast-tempo music can increase the consumption of alcohol at bars. Therefore, it is important to monitor patrons and limit their alcohol intake to maintain a safe environment.

Boosts Customer Satisfaction

Whether you’re trying to boost food and drink sales, create an ambiance for romantic dining, or provide your customers with a great experience, the right background music can help you achieve your goals. The largest academic study of music in restaurants found that the right music matched a brand’s concept, increased customer well-being, and hiked sales. On the other hand, playing no music or random popular songs reduced customer satisfaction.

Choosing the right background music is important, and you can decide based on your restaurant type or even the time of day. For example, if a fast-food restaurant needs to get people in and out quickly, upbeat music can encourage patrons to eat faster. But, if you have an upscale restaurant focusing on the finer things in life, slower music can increase customer satisfaction by encouraging them to take their time and enjoy their meals.

Changing your background music often is also a good idea to keep it fresh. That way, your patrons can have a more consistent experience and are less likely to tire of your music selection. Of course, you must also ensure your music is fully licensed to avoid copyright infringement and the risk of being slapped with an expensive P.R.O. lawsuit!

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