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We’re The Millers 2 Cast and Release Date (June 2024)

We're the Millers 2

Congratulations to all, We’re The Millers viewers! The film earned 7 out of 10 ratings on IMDB and enjoyed excellent box office success, becoming one of the most popular comedies of 2014. The film’s creators have revealed that a sequel will be produced.

In this article, we will share every detailed information that we could find related to We’re The Millers part 2, which includes the expected release date, cast members, and the expected storyline. So without wasting any time, let’s begin with our article.

A Brief Introduction Regarding the Movie

Release Date30 August 2013
Country of OriginUnited States
Running Time110 minutes
Directed ByRawson Marshall Thurber
Written ByBob Fisher
Steve Faber
Produced By
Chris Bender
Vincent Newman
Tucker Tooley
Happy Walters
Production Companies
New Line Cinema
Slap Happy Productions
Heydey Films

The Millers is a comedy with drama that centers on two characters who fabricate details about their personal lives.

Molly Quinn, Emma Roberts, Jason Sudeikis, and Jennifer Aniston are the movie’s leading ladies. Based on their narrative, Bob Fisher and Steve Faber developed the script. With only an approximate $37 million total budget, the movie made over $270 million in theatres.

But what about the follow-up? Let’s find out.

What is the We’re The Millers 2 Release Date?

There are a lot of heated arguments over the second installment that won’t happen again, but because of how well the first one did financially, many are anticipating and even enthusiastic about it.

Given how much praise the film garnered for the adventure-comedy it offered us after a long time. However, Part 2 was already confirmed for 2021. But for some reason, it didn’t happen. Later news came out that part 2 will be coming out in 2022, but the result was the same. So we’ll have to wait since we receive a precise date from the makers.

But given how eager fans are for upcoming part two, it appears the creators should make a new announcement soon to satiate the unending desire of fans.

Expected Cast for Part 2

We're The Millers 2 Cast

We anticipate seeing most original cast members again when the movie will return.

Jason SudeikisDavid Clark
Jennifer AnistonRose O’Reilly
Will PoulterKenny Rossmore
Emma RobertsCasey Mathis
Ed HelmsBrad Gurdlinger
Nick OffermanDon Fitzgerald
Kathryn HahnEdie Fitzgerald

What will be the Storyline of We’re The Millers 2?

David may get into so much difficulty in Part 2 that there are rumors of his death. What would the made-up family do at this point? Has the connection at last blossomed? Will the kingpin now also bear the blame for their demise?

So what is the current plan? Is David making up stories of rescuing everybody? Or are the Millers in for any other surprises? These are merely rumors, so we’ll have to wait until the filmmakers reveal a plot synopsis.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do We’re the Millers 2 have a Released Trailer?

Unfortunately, no official trailer for part 2 has been released. The film’s creators have confirmed that a sequel will be made; they haven’t announced any information on the narrative or the date the film will be released in theatres.

2. Where can we watch We’re The Millers Part 1?

The 2013 theatrical release of the film saw strong box office results. You can stream the movie on Apple Tv+. In some nations, it is also accessible on Amazon Prime Video.

3. Is We’re The Millers Part 1 Available on Netflix?

No, it is only available on Netflix. It is available on Apple TV+, and in a few countries, it is on Amazon Prime Video.

Wrapping up

With an awe-inspiring storyline, We’re The Millers became a commercial success, grossing over $270 million worldwide. The movie received mixed reactions from the audience but became popular for its humorous situations and comedy performances. It is obvious its part 2 is getting so much hype.

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Hope you received everything you want to know regarding the upcoming We’re The Millers 2.

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