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The Future of Renting: How Digital Technology is Improving Tenants’ Lives

The Future of Renting: How Digital Technology is Improving Tenants' Lives

In recent years, tenants’ expectations of what their new home will be like have undergone dramatic changes since the real estate industry has been swallowed up by digitalization. Now landlords must adapt to recent trends in the arrangement of residential premises and equip them with various control devices. After all, it is unlikely that potential customers will pay attention to your offer if it does not meet their expectations. Below we will discuss which advanced tenant technologies you should implement in your household to meet all clients’ needs.

What Technologies Should You Adopt?

Now we will find out which tenant experience technologies are most common in the modern real estate niche.

Virtual home inspection

If you’re looking to rent a new home, you’d certainly be happy that you can view it from the comfort of your current home. In this case, the digital tenant experience allows your potential residents to inspect the future apartment or house in detail, thanks to virtual tours that are possible through VR technologies. You can also provide your clients with a mock-up of the home that they can explore, thanks to augmented reality.

Property management online

Based on practice, tenant technologies such as online property management systems have already brought a lot of benefits to both parties since both the landlord and the resident can get the information they need online in real-time. Such solutions allow your clients to communicate with the manager around the clock or report the need for repairs or any other problem and monitor the progress of their implementation.

Smart smoke detectors

Nowadays, home security is one of the most essential aspects that must be carried out unquestioningly. Thus, you must install intelligent devices such as smoke detectors in every apartment. These devices are beneficial when the apartment or house is not occupied. Smart smoke detectors provide constant real-time notifications to your smartphone in the tenant experience system so that you can quickly deal with the problem in the event of a fire. Also, such devices increase residents’ peace of mind, improving their attitude towards you as a landlord.

Smart meters

We have reached the time when it is time to replace old gas and electric meters with modern smart devices. Smart meters allow you to eliminate the visits of people who have to take readings since the data is transmitted automatically and is much more accurate. Also, your customers can track resource usage and thus build strategies to save money. All in all, smart meters allow you to improve the commercial real estate tenant experience and gain more trust from customers.

Smart locks

With the advent of smart locks, physical keys have gone into oblivion to get into a house or apartment. You need to use a digital access code. This way, your clients no longer have to think of places to hide a spare key.

Also, smart locks allow landlords to control who gets into housing, which is very convenient if you rent housing for a short time or you have students. Another advantage of such devices is that there is no need to change the locks in case your client has lost the keys or after the resident has moved out, all that is needed is just to change the code.

Final Thoughts

As you can understand, when delivering digital technologies, it became possible to introduce into the niche of real estate digital technologies and intelligent devices that make life so much easier for people now and without which it is already difficult to imagine life. If you decide to install the above devices in your household, then you will need a software solution to manage them and to create such a solution, please get in touch with us. Our team has vast experience in real estate software development and will help you create a custom solution that will satisfy all the needs of your current and potential clients.

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