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Best Guns Used for Powder Coating

Best Guns Used for Powder Coating

Are you in search of the right powder coating? Stay put, for you are in the right place. With the surging popularity of powder coating, different gun designs are hitting the market today. Knowing the right gun that suits your style and function could mean a difference between standard and substandard coats. Let’s check out your options.

Manual Electrostatic Guns

Verily, the manual electrostatic powder coating gun is a handheld device with a trigger mechanism that controls the flow of powder and the electrostatic charge. It allows direct control of the coating process. Besides, their power delivery unit features a powder cup or container for powder placement.

The powder will then be fed to the gun via the venturi or gravitational feeding unit at 15-30 grams per minute. Note that the powder is charged with electrostatic technology with an operation voltage of 10-100 kilovolts (kV) for electrostatic charge creation.

On the other hand, the spray patterns can be adjusted to attain distinct coating effects. They may vary from narrow, focused sprays to wide, fan-shaped sprays.

Automatic Electrostatic Guns

Automatic electrostatic guns are common solutions in contexts where a high volume of objects requires powder coating. And so they will be mounted on robotic arms or automated systems. These guns provide consistent coasts with minimal energy wastage.

The voltage output on automated electrostatic guns is within a range of 60-100 kV, which is effective electrostatic charging. The powder delivery comes in at 1000 grams per minute, making them ideal for high-speed work rates.

Besides, Automatic electrostatic guns may be programmed for precise control over the spray pattern. That means adjusting the spray pattern width, shape, and coating thickness according to specific requirements. Plus, it may be integrated into automated systems, such as conveyorized production lines. With the synchronization to the movement of objects, they guarantee accurate and timely coating with minimal manual labor needed.

Automated powder coating guns are versatile for various powder types and formulations. It may be useful for coating metal parts, automotive components, furniture, appliances, etc.

What Are the Powder Coating Guns Alternatives?

Fluidized Beds: Fluidized beds work on different principles wherein the powder particles are suspended in a fluidized bed and heated to create a semi-liquid state. The object that needs coating is then dipped into the bed, and the powder particles adhere to the surface. The beds are, however, perfect when coating small to medium-sized objects with a uniform layer.

Tribo Guns: Powder particles in trib guns are charged using frictional contact. The guns feature a charging electrode that rubs against a non-conductive tube. As such, it transfers charge to the powder particles. The powder will then be attracted to the grounded object. Even so, tribal guns remain ideal when coating complex geometries and materials challenging for electrostatic guns.

Wrap Up

If you are in the market for powder coating guns, it helps to know that you have different options, and you have to go with the one that suits your style and the specific designs.

The reputation of the powder coating gun manufacturer should not be overlooked. Experienced manufacturers could mean a difference between performance and dissatisfaction; in this case, we recommend you look into the over three decades of professional Ramseier Koatings.

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