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The Benefits of Interactive Trade Show Displays for Your Business

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Aside from displaying your products, interactive trade show displays can also be used to provide information about your company. Touchscreen kiosks can showcase your catalog, virtual tours, company videos, and portfolio. They can even serve as a traffic management tool for your booth. Games shake attendees out of their trade show stupor and put them in a heightened state where they’re more receptive to your message. This is why booths with games attract more people than those without them.

Increased Traffic

Visitors are more likely to stop by and connect if you use interactive displays by Infinity Exhibits to offer giveaways, contests, or other engaging activities. Touchscreen kiosks are also an effective way to drive traffic to your booth. You can include catalogs, virtual tours, or company videos that help people learn more about your business. It may require special permission from the show organizer. However, hosting a fun treasure hunt where attendees search for prizes or clues buried throughout the exhibit hall is another excellent way to grab attention and encourage audience engagement. This activity also helps you collect important customer information, so make sure you have a fishbowl ready to collect the names of those who wish to participate! Modern display technologies like the 1080p Wave video display make it possible to create a wall-mounted or tabletop interactive experience in even the smallest expo booth. These display systems are available for rent, so you can experiment with the latest interactive technologies without investing significantly.

Increased Exposure

Whether you’re new to the event scene or want to scale up for a once-a-year national convention, interactive display technology is an affordable way to attract more attendees. Technology fits any budget, from a coffee-table-sized kiosk to full, immersive digital displays. Time-starved attendees appreciate a personalized experience that gives them the information they need more efficiently. This makes your brand memorable, elevating your expo performance. Before the show, you can create a buzz with an email campaign that teases a surprise opportunity at your booth. The anticipation will motivate your audience to stop by come showtime. This is also a great way to encourage visitors to share their experiences on social media, further amplifying your pre-show marketing efforts.

Increased Engagement

Trade show displays that engage with your audience are the best way to generate a steady stream of potential clients. Whether your business sells to the public or other businesses, a great CAE Marketing & Consulting display will attract more people to your booth and create a positive brand perception. Using gamification to draw in your audience is one of the best ways to make your exhibit stand out at a trade show. By offering games that use mobile devices, you can collect contact information for future follow-ups and incentivize attendees to visit your booth for presentations or demonstrations. Touchscreen poster galleries can also be used to broadcast promotional films, offer virtual tours of your company, display product portfolios, and more. They’re an excellent solution for enhancing interactivity at your event without adding extra work to your staff.

Increased Conversions

When your interactive display engages enough, you can turn visitors into customers and business partners. Then, with proper follow-up and ongoing interaction, you can generate real growth for your company. From simple off-the-shelf trade show game apps on a table or in the attendees’ hands to large-scale customized tech marvels played on a stage and overseen by a host, interactive games can ramp up your booth interactivity and engagement levels. Modern industrial digital displays like the InTouch 1080p Wave and Ultralite SEG quickwall systems make these interactive tactics accessible to businesses of all sizes. When choosing a vendor to provide these tools for your business, Pennacchi suggests explaining your goals and budget for the immediate and long term to ensure you get the best options available.

Increased Brand Awareness

Getting the most out of interactives requires a change in perspective. Marketers and agency creatives know their company brands, product lines, and customer segments well. Still, they need to gain the expertise to create activities that help trade show attendees experience and absorb brand elements and competitive advantages. The good news is that various modern display technologies make this interaction possible, even in the smallest expo booths. For example, a 1080p Wave digital display can be a full-blown exposition information center. Another option is a theater presentation. These large-screen presentations attract crowds and communicate messages that can be both entertaining and educational. They can also reinforce your message and build awareness long after the show. The key is a well-crafted storyline that matches your brand identity.

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