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Designated Survivor Season 4: Will There Be a New Season?

Designated Survivor Season 4

Kiefer Sunderland is the director of the political thriller Designated Survivor. The programme centres on Tom Kirkman, elected President of the United States following a bombing on Congress Hill. Three seasons of the show have kept viewers interested, and they are impatiently awaiting the fourth.

Like House of Cards or Madam Secretary, the programme has changed from its first to third seasons, becoming a more traditional and authentic political drama. However, there has also been considerable criticism of the show’s use of vulgarity and the inclusion of more serious topics, which some felt were inappropriate for network television.

Let’s see what the fourth instalment has in store for us.

A Quick Info Regarding Designated Survivor

Release Date21 September 2016
Number of Seasons3 Seasons
Number of Episodes53 Episodes
Political Thriller
Political Drama
Conspiracy Thriller
Country of OriginUnited States
Running Time46-53 minutes
Created ByDavid Guggenheim
Produced By
Richard Klein
Ann Kindberg
Tommy Burns
Executive Producers
Nicholas Pepper
Kiefer Sutherland
Suzan Bymel
Amy Harris
Aditya Sood
David Guggenheim
Production Companies
Kinberg Genre
The Mark Gordon Company
Baer Bones

Will There Be a Season 4 Of Designated Survivor?

There will no longer be a fourth season of the series. The reason behind the cancelation is issues with the performers’ contracts. Unfortunately, the show is discontinued after three seasons.

Is There Any Rumoured Designated Survivor Season 4 Release Date?

As Netflix salvaged the programme after ABC decided to cancel it, many people believed that the series would continue. Yet if the programme does come back, another person will have to save it from the TV tomb.

In a statement, Netflix stated that it was happy to have given viewers a third season of the show and that it will continue to air all three seasons for years. Kiefer Sutherland, who played President Kirkman, offered passion, determination, and a memorable performance. For this, we are incredibly grateful.

We’re also thankful to creator/executive producer David Guggenheim and EPs Mark Gordon, Suzan Bymel, Simon Kinberg, Aditya Sood, and Peter Noah, as well as the cast and crew who delivered a captivating and rewarding final season.

Sutherland further uploaded a video on social media praising the programme: I wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude to everyone for their outstanding assistance with the series. The third season serves as the show’s finale. You guys have been incredible.

I don’t believe season 4 will air. Thank you so much for your support throughout the three seasons we had the opportunity to perform. It was an honour to portray Tom Kirkman. Much love to you, thank you. Before its cancellation, Sutherland expressed his lack of optimism for the show’s comeback in an interview with Simon Mayo on Scala Radio.

With Netflix, we had a fantastic experience and enjoyed great flexibility. Nevertheless, the truth is that due to the convoluted and dissimilar contracts between network television and Netflix, many of the performers that appeared in the programme were not cast and instead chose other jobs.

For that, I hold them entirely blameless. Thus, producing a season four is challenging. According to a separate Deadline article, the cast only had one-year contracts from Netflix and the production company Entertainment One, meaning their agreements would have expired after season three.


Designated Survivor Season 4 Cast

As there will be no season 4, there are no possibilities of new cast members. Below, we have curated the list of the overall cast of the series.

Kiefer SutherlandTom Kirkman
Natascha McElhoneAlex Kirkman
Adan CantoAaron Shore
Italia RicciEmily Rhodes
LaMonica GarrettMike Ritter
Tanner BuchananLeo Kirkman
Kal PennSeth Wright
Maggie QHannah Wells
Jake EpsteinChuck Russink
Paulo CostanzoLyor Boone
Zoe McLellanKendra Daynes
Ben LawsonDamian Rennett

What will be the Storyline of Designated Survivor Season 4?

Sadly, there will be no season 4. But there are many unanswered questions in the wake of the season three finale, the greatest of which being: Will Emily reprise her previous role, will Isabel inform Aaron she’s delivering his child, and, more urgently, is the bio-threat over?

We discussed the most significant unresolved show’s storylines that must be resolved in the next season. Yet it still needs to be determined if we’ll receive those crucial responses.

Is There any Released Trailer for Season 4?

As there haven’t been any plans of releasing season 4 of the series by the creators, there is no possibility of a trailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Fans Follow the Designated Survivor Show?

Fans not only watched the show, but they were also anticipating the release of season 4! Unfortunately, it’s no longer taking place.

2. Why was Season 4 of Designated Survivor Cancelled?

So, after hearing of a show’s cancellation, the first thing that comes to mind is how the public has responded to the programme regarding ratings and reviews. The programme has a strong track record, with season 3 spending two weeks in the Top 10 worldwide. What, then, is the cause of the abrupt cancellation?

Sutherland disclosed that the original plan was to run the show for at least five seasons in exclusive interviews. After the transfer from television to the digital platform, which impacted how the network and the programme worked together, the decision was made to stop the show after the third season.

A fantastic ride through the political circus has ended, but tomorrow will come. We may soon see our Tom Kirkman on film accomplishing great things.

3. How Many Seasons Does Designated Survivor Have?

The show has a total of three seasons. And the third season is the finale of the series.

4. Where can Watch Designated Survivor?

You can watch this series on one of the best subscription-based streaming platforms, Netflix.


Every aspect of Designated Survivor season 4 is covered in this article. Unfortunately, there will be no season 4. But we can wait for what the show’s creators have to offer instead of the fourth season.

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