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Disney’s Encanto Characters: Everything About the Madrigal Family (June 2024)

All The Encanto Characters and Their Ages Explained

Disney’s superhit film Encanto was a huge success and an unstoppable hit then. Film expert Earth Donato considers it one of the most important successes for Disney. If you are a Disney fan and want to know about all the characters and their ages in Encanto, read the article until the end.

How Old and Tall Are the Characters in Encanto?

1. Mirabel

Mirabel Madrigal is the main character of the movie. She is about 5’2″ tall. Although she is only 15 years old, the character is full of personality. Due to the responsibility of being a member of the Madrigal family, Mirabel looks older than she is.

The girl failed to present her magical gift on her 5th birthday. For this reason, the Madrigal family behaves with her like she doesn’t belong to that family. Since then, Mirabel has gotten desperate to prove herself to her family.


2. Alma Madrigal

The oldest member of Encanto is Abuela Alma, who is roughly 75 years old. Like Mirabel, Alma doesn’t come with any magical gift; still, she has been given authority in the Madrigal family due to her creation. While the movie presents Pepa and Julieta in a motherly sense, Alma shows her love authoritatively.

Once, she tried to protect her family from any danger, which made her detach from the community to prioritize her family’s safety.

Alma Madrigal

3. Bruno Madrigal

Bruno Madrigal is one of the triplet children of Abuela Alma. He stands about 5’4″, which is shorter than his other siblings. Just like two of his sisters, he is 50 years old. Bruno is one of the most mysterious characters in Encanto, and he can see the future. But his family believed he was a bad omen, and a song is dedicated to him “We don’t talk about Bruno, No, No, No”.

Generally, Bruno can’t change the future as he can only predict what will happen. Bruno’s wrist quality tells people that when their fate is terrible, people used not to believe the character made him detached from the family.

Bruno Madrigal

4. Pepa Madrigal

Pepa is another child of Alma who can manipulate the weather as she wishes. But she could do it as per her mood, so her power depends on her mood. This is the reason why the other members of the family call her an emotional person.

She is 50 years old. Pepa got married to Felix and gave birth to three children: Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio.

Pepa Madrigal

5. Julieta Madrigal

Julieta is the third daughter of Alma, who is 50 years old. Julieta was the mother of Mirabel, Isabela, and Luisa and the wife of Augustin. Her ability in Encanto is to heal people instantly with her cooked food.

In the movie, you can see her healing Mirabel’s hand, black eye, and bee stings. Augustin tends to cause accidents frequently, and Julieta used to heal him with magical power. Even Julieta met her husband with such an ability.

Julieta Madrigal

6. Agustin Madrigal

Agustin is another member of Madrigal who doesn’t have any magical powers. As he is married to Julieta Madrigal but not any blood relative of this family, Agustin can relate himself to his daughter Mirabel. However, in this movie, Agustin’s age is not confirmed.

Agustin Madrigal

However, one of the directors of this movie tweeted that he is a bit younger than his wife.

7. Isabela Madrigal

Isabela is the child of Julieta and Agustin. She always felt pressure to be Madrigal’s most attractive and ideal child. Isabela is 21 years old and the grandchild of Abuela Alma. Like other children, she also had magical powers. She could grow rare plants and flowers as she wished.

Isabela Madrigal

8. Luisa

Luisa is a hard shell on the outside with a soft inside. Luisa is the second sister of Mirabel and has incredible strength for lifting sizable animals, like donkeys, and large objects, such as barrels, a piano, and a bridge. The Madrigal family used to call her when anything heavy needed to be carried.

Luisa was introduced in the movie with the song ‘Surface Pressure’. She could easily adjust houses and do all his chores without sweat. She is only 19 years old, and she feels depressed by the anxiety of not meeting the expectations of her villagers.


9. Felix

Like Agustin, Felix is not a blood relative of the Madrigal family. The only connection with the family is his wife, Pepa. Felix’s age is unclear in the movie, but the director confirmed that Felix is a bit older than his wife, Pepa. His relaxed nature of Felix made him an excellent fit for emotional and intense Pepa.


10. Dolores

Dolores is 21 years old and the only daughter of Pepa and Felix. Dolores was a few months younger than Isabela. The age gap between Isabela and Dolores made her live in the shadow of her perfect cousin. However, she is reserved and quiet in the movie. She has the magical power of supernatural listening.


11. Camilo

Camilo is the second child of Felix and Pepa. He is 5’4″ tall and only 15 years old, like Mirabel. Camilo possessed the power to make shifts to various forms, which means he could appear as anyone in the movie.


12. Antonio

Here is the youngest member of the Madrigal family, Antonio, who is only five years old and 3 ’10 ” in height. Antonio is the child of Felix and Pepa, and he could communicate with animals. He is quite shy around strangers and has stage fright. However, this son of Pepa and Felix had a warm and generous heart.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the youngest Madrigal member?

The youngest Madrigal member is Antonio, who is only five years old. Antonio is the child of Pepa and Felix, and he has the power to communicate with the animals.

2. Who is the oldest triplet of Encanto?

Abuela’s oldest triplet is Julieta, who is only 50 years old and the mother of the main character Mirabel. She could cook food that helps heal people.

3. Is Mirabel Younger than Camilo?

No, they are the same age.

4. Who is Dolores to Mirabel?

Mirabel is the youngest cousin of Dolores.


Hopefully, now you know everything about the Encanto characters and their age. This is the first animated Disney movie that featured Barbie and glasses altogether. The film was appreciated by all the fans and generated an IMDB rating of 7.3. Knowing the age of every character and their ability will help you to understand the movie better.

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