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Haikyuu Season 5 Release Date (July 2024)

When is Season 5 of Haikyu Coming Out


  • Haikyu is about to return to theatres in the form of a Movie of two courses instead of a fifth season.
  • But things are still quite mysterious regarding the renewal of the series.
  • The upcoming season (modified as a movie) is speculated to explore the dumpster battle of unpredictable underdogs versus the unbreakable defense that is the battle of Nekoma Vs Karasuno.
  • There isn’t any official announcement regarding the cast members but there are speculations that most of the cast is about to repeat from previous seasons.


Instead of a fifth season, Haikyu is about to return to theatres in the form of a Movie of two courses.

An anime adaption of the Shonen manga series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate released in 2014 took the anime world by storm. This anime series explores themes such as sportsmanship, friendship, resilience, and others.

The first four seasons of Haikyu were released in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2020 respectively. Avid weebs have crossed their fingers for coming out of season 5. Let’s see the cast, storyline, and speculation of the release date of the upcoming season.

Brief Introduction of The Series

Total Number of Seasons4
Total Number of Episodes85
First Episode Date06-Apr-14
Final Episode Release Date19-Dec-20
Based OnIt is based on a Japanese manga series of the same name
Written ByTaku Kishimoto
Directed BySusumu Mitsunaka
Masako Sato
ProducersWakana Okamura
Toshihiro Maeda
Fumi Morihori
Shinya Shinozaki
Yu Honda
Mayumi Kurashima
Production CompaniesProduction I.G.

Haikyu Season 5 Release Date Announcements and Speculations

The much-anticipated season 5 will release around late 2024 according to some airing spoilers. There hasn’t been any official announcement of the renewal of season five in jump fest 2021. And, no spoilers from filming in Japan have been leaked. But things are still quite mysterious.

A strange countdown was initiated on 8 August at 5:00 AM EST and lasted up to Saturday, 13 August 2022, on Twitter indicating something big. And as expected at the end of the timer we discovered the awaited update about the renewal of the fifth installment of the very famous Japanese anime. But it will not be renewed into a fifth season but rather in the form of two movies to cover the rest of the manga.

Fans didn’t react pleasantly hearing this announcement, as they doubt the execution of anime in the form of a movie will be able to give it justice or not.

At the time of completion of its 10th anniversary on 13 August 2022, many exhibition matches, key visuals, and a single-page manga drawn by Haruichi Furudate were released.

A piece of happy news came from voice actor Kaito Ishikawa who voiced Tobio Kageyama’s tweet that, “The FINAL has been decided!”

Why Haikyu had a Guaranteed Renewal

  • Cliffhangers– Season four ended on a twistful take and left Haikyu fans on a cliffhanger. But this turns out to be good news as well as it gives signals towards its renewal.
  • Tweets from Team- From time to time the voice actors and other cast included have been dropping hints for its soon to come back into next part.
  • Many Volumes of Inspiration Left– There are still many volumes left among the 42 volumes of manga, so the makers will not fall short of material for its inspiration. The season 1-4 covered 292 chapters in total.
  • Monetary Success and Ratings- The series saw much success worldwide. It has a rating of 8.6/10 on the standard anime ratings platform MyAnimelist. Also, the 1st episode of season 1 collected a staggering amount of $0.12 million. These numbers explain its craze among fans.

The Storyline of Haikyu Season 5

Premiered in 2014 the anime serves Shoyo Hinata, a boy as its central character. The story brings to the table a perfect cocktail of comedy and sports. Motivated by Tobio Kageyama, a brilliant volleyball player of the same height, it shows Hinata struggles to fit in a game considered unconventional for players of his height.

The fifth season (modified as a movie) is speculated to explore the dumpster battle of unpredictable underdogs versus the unbreakable defense that is the battle of Nekoma Vs Karasuno.

The cast of Season Five of Haikyuu

The Expected Cast of Season 5

However, there isn’t any official Claim from the production unit and voice cast of the anime, but there are speculations that most of the cast is about to repeat. The cast you can expect to watch in season five aka, the movie shown below;

Voice Artist Character 
Atsumu MiyaMamuro Miyano
Tobio KageyamaKaito Ishikawa
Ittetsu TakedaHiroshi Kamiya
Tanji WashijoRyusei Nakao
Ryunosuke TanakaYu Hayashi
Asahi AzumaneYoshimasa Hosoya
Shoyo HinataAyumu Murase
Osamu MiyaHideaki Kabumoto
Sachiro HirugmaiYu Miyazaki
Hisashi KinoshitaNobuyuki Sadara
Aran OjiroJun Nazuka

Is There Any Trailer for Haikyu Season 5?


As we have already shown, the series is going to be renewed for a movie named Haikyu!! Final. Here is the released trailer for the upcoming movie.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will There be a Season 5 of Haikyu?

No, there will not be any further seasons in the series. Rather, it will conclude in the form of a movie divided into two segments. The movie has the subtitles “Who will we become tomorrow?” and it is named Haikyu!! Final.

2. Is Haikyuu Season 5 Cancelled?

Yes, the official team of Haikyu took a tweet in August 2022 to declare that the rest of the manga will be adapted in the form of a movie into two parts rather than a new season.

3. Has Haikyu officially ended?

No, it is about to get renewed into a movie of two halves anytime in late 2024.


As we have discussed all facets of the anime Haikyu we hope you will have found the answer to your search When is season five of Haikyu coming out? Be ready to witness some epic battles and undying tales of resilience and notable projections in Haikyu’s movies of two parts releasing anytime soon.

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