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P-Valley Season 2 All Episodes Explained (June 2024)

P-Valley Season 2

Premiered in 2020, P-Valley critically acclaimed drama series created by Katori Hall took audiences by storm. The story revolves around the strip club called The Pynk, located in the fictional city of Chucalissa, Mississippi. It delves deep into the lives of the club’s staff and secrets. With its fantastic characters, gripping storytelling and unapologetic exploration of gender and sexuality, the series quickly became a cultural phenomenon.

Season 2 also delivers even more of the gritty, mesmerizing world viewers fell in love with. Below, we’ve explained the storyline of season 2, divided into each episode.

A Quick Info Regarding P-Valley

Release Date12 July 2020
Number of Seasons2 Seasons
Number of Episodes18 Episodes
First Episode Date12 July 2020
Last Episode Date14 August 2022
Country of OriginUnited States
Running Time51-60 minutes
Created ByKatori Hall
Brandee Evans
Nicco Annan
Shannon Thornton
Skyler Joy
J. Alphonse
Harriett D. Foy
Dan J. Johnson
Produced ByDebbie Hayn-Cass
Executive Producers
Katori Hall
Dante Di Loreto
Production Companies
Chernin Entertainment
Kat Buggy Productions

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 1: Pussyland

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 1 Pussyland

Release Date:- 3 June 2022

Directed By:- Barbara Brown

Written By:- Katori Hall

Viewership:- 0.243 millions

Ratings:- 7.2 IMDB Rating


The Pynk is still in operation; it has just moved its services outside while disguising itself as an X-rated car wash and offering services that may or may not be deemed necessary. Nevertheless, it is losing money, its employees, particularly Mercedes, who continues to be the experience’s star every night, are overworked, and its patrons are reluctant to leave the comfort of their homes and automobiles.

After investing $250,000 in the Pynk for an 85% ownership stake, Hailey is now responsible for maintaining the business, which involves entirely refurbishing the Paradise Room.

Wayne is at least kept in the area because he wants to work with Andre. Still, the mayoral contest will likely play a significant role in this season’s plot because Andre and Uncle Clifford, the valley’s current unofficial mayor, are possible contenders.

The epilogue of Pussyland reminds us that Keyshawn’s life is a prison like her child’s cot. And if one leaves before the other, the other cannot.

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 2: Seven Pounds of Pressure

Seven Pounds of Pressure

Release Date:- 12 June 2022

Directed By:- Barbara Brown

Written By:- Katori Hall

Viewership:- 0.247 millions

Ratings:- 7.1 IMDB Rating


Most of the storylines presented in the premiere continue in Seven Pounds of Pressure. Andre and Corbin are promoting the idea that The Pynk may be sold, thinking Hailey might be interested in it, given her majority ownership share.

Most of this episode is spent with Keyshawn attempting to persuade Derrick to let her participate, but you know how Derrick is. It’s a need since the entire event has been planned around her great attractiveness.

It’s difficult to determine if the show needs this viewpoint, but it almost definitely doesn’t. In an earlier scene, Whisper interacts with the creaky brass pole in the Paradise Room. Hailey will likely spend the foreseeable future sleeping at the club.

Yet something will undoubtedly change. A large one. Furthermore, it’s now being determined who else it could influence, which is a hallmark of a riveting story. This second season hasn’t let us down thus far.

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 3: The Dirty Dozen

The Dirty Dozen

Release Date:- 19 June 2022

Directed By:- Christine Swanson

Written By:- Kemiyondo Coutinho

Viewership:- 0.175 millions

Ratings:- 7.4 IMDB Rating


Lil Murda is releasing brand-new music while longing for Uncle Clifford and working to keep his team together. Keyshawn is attempting to market herself without putting herself in awkward situations that Derrick would find distressing.

In addition, he exudes an air of instability and emotion. Although their connection details are now unknown, you can predict that they will be discussed again. The Pynk is still having financial difficulties, and Mercedes in particular because of her injury, so she seeks out alternative sources of income by deciding to move in with Coach.

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 4: Demethrius


Release Date:- 26 June 2022

Directed By:- Cierra Glaude

Written By:- Jocelyn Clarke

Viewership:- 0.221 millions

Ratings:- 7.2 IMDB Ratings


Hailey continues to reject Corbin’s lowball offers even though he can see she wants to sell and won’t accept anything less than the house is worth. Yet the club is the center of Chucalissa and is home to numerous people. It’s more than just a building.

In another scene, Mercedes keeps on her maybe unwise friendship with Coach and Farrah. In this scene from “Demethrius,” Farrah calls the stripper for a meeting while posing as her husband.

This episode substantiates the rumored connection between him and Lil Murda, which was put on hiatus while Teak was incarcerated. Things pick back up here, but just for a moment, as Teak is horrified to find the postcard that Murda was preparing to mail to Uncle Clifford that was only partially written.

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 5: White Knights

White Knights

Release Date:- 3 July 2022

Directed By:- Pamela Romanowsky

Written By:- Katori Hall

Viewership:- 0.183 millions

Ratings:- 8.6 IMDB Rating


With the evil stepmother and the lovely step sisters who have everything, Keyshawn’s past is reminiscent of a fairytale. Derrick, an already aggressive young male cheerleader, makes a brief cameo as a prince charming, battling the football players who make fun of Keyshawn in front of her class.

A person with everything handed to him on a silver platter must learn to support himself. However, he never created an alter persona as Keyshawn did with Miss Mississippi. He has no way out of the harsh, useless prison that is his ego.

Rome’s demise provides Keyshawn with an opportunity to rejoin the tour. But it will also bring up some uncomfortable concerns, particularly given that Rome has yet to discover the location of the Murda and Teak video. If he was prepared to do that to Rome, what more could he be willing to do to Derrick if he realized how miserable Keyshawn’s life was back home?

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 6: Savage

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 6 Savage

Release Date:- 10 July 2022

Directed By:- Melanie Mayron

Written By:- Nicole Jefferson Asher

Viewership:- 0.204 millions

Ratings:- 8.7 IMDB Rating


Farrah quickly points out that his hypocrisy is at its height because he is upset by this while simultaneously paying for sex with a stripper. But, the fact that Mercedes is a stripper gives Coach the confidence to behave as though she were some demon seductress, allowing him to avoid facing the truth that his selfishness and lack of interest in his wife contributed to the conclusion.

The primary story of Savage is, however, what will happen to Big Teak, Lil Murda’s chief of security and covert lover, who has been going through a severe downward spiral since his release from jail and entry into a setting he no longer knows.

Before Lil Murda, we become aware of it, but it is already too late. Despite Murda’s best efforts, his pal has already decided. Instead, he joins him for a last seat. After the flash and gunfire, he stumbles out of the automobile covered in Big Teak’s blood, then heads over to Uncle Clifford’s house. He confesses to Clifford the truth—possibly for the first time—by saying, “I’m not alright.”

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 7: Jackson


Release Date:- 24 July 2022

Directed By:- Jennifer Arnold

Written By:- Ian Olympio & Nina Stiefel

Viewership:- 0.281 millions

Ratings:- 8.1 IMDB Rating


The money spent to maintain the establishment was intended to fund the purchase of a new life for her and her daughter. She will waive away five million dollars in the hopes of negotiating for ten because she can’t let the chance it symbolizes pass. That must have some significance. Pynk, Clifford, and her predecessors must be compensated fairly.

His friendship with Clifford is a fascinating examination of identity, complicated love, self-expression, and many other topics. Unfortunately, neither can seem to enjoy a minute without something distressing threatening to separate them.

In the middle of Murda correcting the paramedics for misgendering Clifford, Ernestine is taken away in an ambulance. I’m hoping she’s alright. Her destiny is not revealed in this episode. It will only be possible if Keyshawn waits too long to take action. But Hailey makes it evident that she can count on her to support her when she’s ready to make changes in her life or, as she puts it, “learn how to swim.”

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 8: The Death Drop

The Death Drop

Release Date:- 31 July 2022

Directed By:- Millicent Shelton

Written By:- Kemiyondo Coutinho & Nina Stiefel

Viewership:- 0.244 millions

Ratings:- 7.8 IMDB Rating


As whoever controls Chucalissa also, by implication, controls the Pynk, and almost everyone’s destinies are interwoven with the club, the mayoral contest may be considered the central storyline strand in this story. This is not good for Andre’s reputation or image since having a parent scheduled for execution by the government is never a positive omen.

They will need to cast their vote to determine whether the club will be a feasible, high-profit transaction. It may or may not have value depending on who wins the race.

Even though he genuinely assists Mercedes in determining what she wants from this phase of her life, it still seems odd that he would bring back a character so close to Pico just before Lil Murda killed him.

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 9: Snow


Release Date:- 7 August 2022

Directed By:- Jenee LaMarque

Written By:- Katori Hall

Viewership:- 0.275 millions

Ratings:- 8.1 IMDB Rating


Considering Pynk’s upcoming re-opening and the club’s apparent lack of readiness, “Snow” is not only building towards the race’s conclusion. Mercedes finds people quietly chatting about how powerful and graceful she is when she comes. She stops at a picture of herself distorted against the setting sun.

That differs from the stereotype of pole dancing that we’re typically given, which is, I think, P-Valley in a nutshell — sometimes, at least. So that you know, Corbin Kyle is the client Cliff cares for in the Paradise Room.

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 10: Mississippi Rule

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 10 Mississippi Rule

Release Date:- 14 August 2022

Directed By:- Katori Hall

Written By:- Katori Hall

Viewership:- 0.367 millions

Ratings:- 8.4 IMDB Rating


Yeah, Patrice came in first place. While Britney is forced to stand there and grin through it, Andre doesn’t view it as a significant setback and says he is returning to his hometown to start a new law firm next to her.

It will receive a response. It’s also unlikely that any of it will be excused based on the creative license, even as Mercedes performs on stage alongside Murda, and they both put on a wild display. At least now that Farrah is giving her royalties for utilizing Mercedes’ image in her photography exhibit, things are looking brighter for Mercedes.

The Pynk, where Ernestine has planned her welcome-home celebration, is the only place to go, as usual. She stumbles onto the dance floor, running into Lil Murda and publicly kissing him. Nobody seemed to care.

Nevertheless, the season comes to a disappointing conclusion when Diamond, whom Keyshawn hired to handle her relationship with Derrick, is abducted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the P-Valley Season 2 Release Date?

Season 2 of the American television drama series was released back on 3 June 2022.

2. How Many Episodes are there in Season 2 of P-Valley?

There are a total of 10 episodes in season 2.

3. Will There be a Season 3 of P-Valley?

There is no confirmation of season 3 by its creators yet.

4. Where We can Watch P-Valley Season 2?

If you want to watch it for free, you can stream it on Hulu. It is also available on other paid streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video.


This article covers brief information related to P Valley Season 2, with a detailed summary of all ten episodes separately. Hope you find this article informative. Want to read more such articles? If so, keep following our website.

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