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5 Must-Know Summer Landscaping Tips

5 Must-Know Summer Landscaping Tips

Do you want to have your yard ready for the summer? It might not seem like much, but summer landscaping does a lot.

It can help you maintain your yard throughout the warmer months. When you follow good landscaping practices during the summer, your landscape can look much better despite the change in climate.

You might wonder, how can you make sure you’re doing it right. Here are five must-know tips to get you started!

Landscaping Tips in Summer

1. Water With Care

Summer means your lawn will likely get exposed to temperatures hot enough to dry them out. That’s one of the primary reasons proper yard care is necessary.

The most sustainable way around it is by watering at the right times with the right amount. Understand the needs of your soil and plants to ensure you water them enough.

Most suggest adding an inch of water to your lawn every week. It also helps to stick your finger in the soil to see the depth of its dryness. You can also consider installing a drip irrigation system to fine-tune how much water supply your yard needs.

2. Mow Smartly

When doing yard work, many homeowners tend to cut their grass too short. Although it reduces how often you need to mow, it can cause your lawn to dry quicker and have dead patches.

The amount you cut from your lawn usually depends on the current climate in your area and the condition of your yard. If you keep it taller, you use less fertilizer and it shades the soil better.

It’s also good to leave the clipping in the yard to help fertilize the soil. Moreover, you want to keep a schedule of how often to mow based on how quickly your grass grows. This way, you can continue keeping it at your desired length.

3. Use Organic Mulch

One of the best landscaping tips you can get to fight the heat is using mulch on bare soil. When you put a layer of mulch, it can result in the following:

  • Slowed down water evaporation
  • Decreased soil temperature
  • Reduce the growth of weeds

If you’re adding mulch to bare patches, keep the layer about two to three inches thick. Try not to add them in spots surrounding tree trunks and plant stems to prevent moisture and rotting.

4. Keep Up With Maintenance

There are several ways to maintain your lawn, but it becomes extra tedious during the summer. You want to make sure you consistently maintain your yard to keep it from damaging or drying out.

You should also remember that every plant has different needs. So, if you have trouble keeping up with them, consider hiring a professional landscaper instead.

You can find more details at Lawncareofsaintjohns.com on how most landscaping services help you with maintenance.

5. Control Pests

Summer is one of the seasons when you should increase your efforts to control pests from spreading on your lawn. You want to avoid anything that attracts them to protect the rest of your yard, like milkwood, marigolds, and the like.

A few ways to combat them are by using natural remedies or having birds and bats consume the critters on your lawn.

Keep Your Yard Fresh This Season With Summer Landscaping

It’s essential to follow the best practices when you handle your lawn during the summer. Many recommend looking into summer landscaping care tips to ensure you manage your yard the proper way.

If you want to learn more, check out the rest of our blog!

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