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Conjuring Movies in Order: How Many Conjuring Movies Are There?

Conjuring Movies in Order
Directed byMichael Chaves
Gary Dauberman
Corin Hardy
John R. Leonetti
David F. Sandberg
James Wan
Original LanguageEnglish
Produced byTony DeRosa-Grund
Peter Safran
Rob Cowan
Written byChad Hayes
Carey W. Hayes
Release Date (Streaming)22-Oct-13
DistributorWarner Bros. Pictures
Sound MixSDDS, Dolby Digital, Datasat

The Conjuring timeline is confusing, with the release of The Conjuring movies in order. The total number of films to watch in The Conjuring franchise is eight (or if you discount, The Curse of La Lorona). Could you give it a seven)? – It’s a pretty scary marathon.

How to Watch The Conjuring Movies in Order?

The movies span five decades now, starting in the ’40s and running through the ’80s, when the Warrens, the paranormal investigator at the franchise’s center, were at the peak of their supernatural hunt. Let’s talk more about how to watch The Conjuring Movies in order.

However, the movies were not broadcasted in chronological order, making it difficult to track who joins whom and who joins whom. To complicate things further, The Conjuring universe movies in order expand with stories beyond the Warrens, creating a Conjuring universe a la the MCU. There’s The Nun, which has a sequel, and three films for Annabelle, Dolls Nearby.

Conjuring Universe in Order

The Conjuring Movies in Chronological Order

This option gives you the chronological order of watching movies. You start with The Nun, set in 1952, through The Conjuring 2, established in 1977. Director Michael Chaves has since argued that The Curse of La Lorona should not be counted because it was not produced with the franchise club, but we’ve left it here for the sake of completeness.

The Nun(1952/1971)
Annabelle: Creation(1943/1952/1955/1967)
The Conjuring(1968/1971)
Annabelle Comes Home(1968/1969 or 1971/1972)
The Curse of La Llorona-1973
The Conjuring 2(1976/1977)
The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It(1980/81)

All Conjuring Movies According to Release Date

This command does what it says. It follows the order of the movies that were released. We begin with our first preface to Ed and Lorraine Warren. And end with a different story that doesn’t have our lead pair.

The Conjuring2013
The Conjuring 22016
Annabelle Creations2017
The Nun2018
The Curse of La Llorona2019
Annabelle Comes Home2019
The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It2021

How To Watch The Conjuring in Chronological Order

The first option is the best, but the second is a more natural fit as the ideas have evolved. You’ll also want to know that The Conjuring movies are available to rent and buy on Blu-ray and DVD. The Conjuring 1 and 2 come as a box set. If you want to see Annabelle movies before heading to the auditorium, there’s also the primary Annabelle DVD as well as Annabelle Creations. There’s no final box set with all the film – yet.

1. The Nun (1952/1971)

Nuns are the first in The Conjuring Timeline. The first is The Nun, set in 1952. The story pursues Father Burke and Sister Irene, who depart for Romania to explore a convent after a nun destroys herself. When they set off, they are unaware that it’s all connected to the demon Valak, but they soon switch to cotton.

We also learn that Frenchie is Maurice Thériault in the final scene, set in 1971. If you’re struggling to remember, here’s the person cast in The Conjuring (the first movie released). Again, if you watch Conjuring movies in chronological order, it gets a bit complicated – you’ll probably stop before that scene and then come back. We will watch this scene, remember it and move on.

2. Annabelle: Creation (1943/1952/1955/1967)

Annabelle: Creation is a sequel to Annabelle, which was also a sequel to the movies. The film explains the story of how the demonic doll was created and captured. It all started with a car accident in 1943. This is probably the better of Annabelle’s three movies.

There’s a post-credits scene for it to confuse things a bit that teases The Nun. But it’s set in 195w. So you have to watch The Nun and then come back to Annabelle: To take it Story in 1967 build on time. If you’re not talking about the whole timeline, watch The Nun later.

3. Annabelle (1967)

The first Annabelle movie takes you to the deep end. The demonic doll causes all kinds of havoc; that is its bare essence.

4. The Conjuring (1968/1971)

The first film was published in The Conjuring franchise, where it all started. It depicts Ed and Lorraine Warren in the ’70s investigating a family’s move into a haunted house. It’s based on a real issue (though Annabelle technically is too).

5. Annabelle Comes Home (1968/1969 or 1971/1972)

The new movie, Annabelle Comes Home, begins with Warren picking up Annabelle and taking her home to drop her in their craft room, where they keep all kinds of scary things. This is an expanded version of The Conjuring Scene (1968), so you recognize it. It might sound strange if you’re viewing these in chronological order but stick with it.

The film takes place in 1969 when the Warrens set off on a journey, leaving their daughter Judy with a babysitter, Mary Ellen. The demonic doll won and cast out all the other demons. The Artifact Rooms provide a massive amount of Easter eggs (if we may call them that), as do everything the Warrens have collected over the years, including the Peron Music Box (in The Conjuring).

6. The Curse of La Llorona (1973)

Next is The Curse of La Llorona. It is based on the folktale Weeping Woman in 1973. We see a mother struggling to protect her children. The movie will sound a bit odd as there is no apparent connection to the broader Warren story. But Father Perez starts – he was casting Annabelle.

7. The Conjuring 2 (1976/1977)

We return to the Warrens with another ‘true story’ outbreak with The Conjuring 2. It is 1976, and the Warrens investigate the Amityville House case and then move to England to study the Enfield Hauntings in 1977.

The Nun crops up here and The Crooked Man, which we mention because he’s also getting his movie.

9. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (1980/81)

The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It brings us back to the ’80s when the Warrens investigated the capture of 11-year-old David Glatzel in 1980. We start things there before taking up the case of Arne Cheyenne Johnson in 1981.

Yet we follow the real-life case of Warren, with The Conjuring 3 true story covering the issue and Arne Johnson’s defense of what he had. If you want to watch a spoiler-free summary of the film, here’s our The Conjuring 3 review.

The Conjuring Shorts

More of a premium entry, but as the basis of the Annabelle Creations broadcast in 2017, Warner Bros. Pictures conducted a contest for fans to create short films. They then added to The Conjuring Universe. You can see the winners’ entries on YouTube.

  • Midwife
  • Confession
  • what’s wrong with mom
  • Blund’s Lullaby
  • innocent souls

The Conjuring Movies: Cast

Lorraine Warren as Vera Farmiga
Patrik Wilson as Ed Warren
Lily Taylor as Caroline Drone
Ron Livingston as Roger Perron
Shanley Caswell as Andrea Peron
Hayley McFarland as Nancy Peron
Joy King as Christy Peron
Mackenzie Foy as Cindy’s person
Kyla Diver as April
Shannon Coke as Drew Thomas
John Bretton as Brad Hamilton
Sterling Jarr as Judy Warren
Marion Guyot as Georgiana Moran
Steve Gowler as Father Gordan
Joseph Bishara as Bathsheba Sherman
Morgana as May Debut
Rick Pappas as Rick
Christophe Veillon as Maurice Theriault
Lorraine Warren as the Woman in the Audience
Amy Tipton as Camilla


There are excellent ways to watch movies, so we’ve broken down the Conjuring film for you, including Annabelle movies and The Nun Timeline.

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