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Who Is Isabela and How Old is She In Encanto?

How Old is Isabela In Encanto

Below, we have penned down every detail of Isabela, along with how old Isabela is in Encanto. The film creators have discussed the official ages, birthdays, and heights of every character as they all play essential roles in the film.

But for some characters, the creators have only given an estimation rather than confirming the actual age. We discussed Mirabel’s age in the last article. Now we are going to provide you with information about Isabela’s character.

Who Is Isabela

Isabela is a gorgeous lady who has impressed the audience with her unique character. She is the oldest sibling in the movie and the granddaughter of Alma. She has given the exceptional power of supernatural energies to the Madrigal family.

Her siblings call her Senorita perfect as she can handle everything perfectly and for being the brightest kid of their generation. Isabela speaks very limited but has extraordinary strength that makes her stand out from her siblings. After watching the movie Encanto, many people have been interested to know about this mysterious girl and one of the common questions people ask about her is how old she is.

Who Is Isabela

How Old Is Isabela in Encanto

The age of this charming lady is only 21 years. Being the granddaughter of Abuela Alma, she is not too old in that movie. She is older than Mirabel and Luisa and the eldest daughter of her parents – Julieta and Agustin.


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Physical Appearance and Height of Isabela

The young character Isabela in the movie has attracted the audience with her long shiny black hair and dark complexion. One noticeable costume of her is a flow on the left side of her hair. The girl with hazel-colored eyes and a black spot on her left cheek looks incredible in her facial structure. Apart from that, the diamond earring is no doubt a cherry on top.

However, her character in the movie mostly looks like her grandmother Abuela Alma with a bit of difference in her skin tone. In the movie, Isabela is seen wearing different dresses that embrace her style. She often loved to wear lavender-colored clothing with a flower on the left side of her hair. Not only that, but she also preferred to wear dresses with flower prints most of the time.

Physical Appearance and Height of Isabela

Magical Powers Owned By Isabela in Encanto

Like others in the Madrigal family, Isabela was born with her unique magical power. She can easily manipulate and bloom flowers on her own. One exciting part of her magic power is growing plants in real life with imagination.

You can watch her in the movie bloom some beautiful flowers by only waving her hand along with twirling the feel. Not to mention, she also came with her exceptional ability to bloom some rare species.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Older Isabela or Luisa?

In the Madrigal family, Isabela is older than Mirabel and Luisa. She is the granddaughter of Abuela Alma and the eldest child of Julieta and Agustin.

2. What was the gift of Isabela in Encanto?

Isabela was given the supernatural power of blooming flowers as per her wish. Apart from that, she can even grow some rare plants that are unique to her.

3. Who is Isabela’s Boyfriend in Encanto?

In Encanto, Mariano appeared proposing to Isabela. However, it is still unclear whether he is really her boyfriend or not.


Hopefully, you have all your answers related to how old Isabela is in Encanto. If you have not yet watched the movie, then watch it and enjoy your time. We will update you about every character in the film. This will make your movie time more enjoyable. So, stay tuned with us for similar articles on our website, like Mirabel.

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