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Honkai Star Rail Characters (June 2024)

Honkai Star Rail Characters

Honkai Star Rail is an engaging mobile game situated in the vast Honkai Impact universe, offering fans a new angle on this well-liked brand. The game’s compelling plot and varied cast of characters, each of which has its past, set of skills, and abilities, are at the heart of its appeal.

In order to clarify their roles and contributions to the game’s plot, we shall examine some of the most fascinating and mysterious characters in the Honkai Star Rail world in more detail in this article.

Honkai Star Rail Characters:-

Honkai Star Rail Characters

Since its debut, Honkai Star Rail has featured a number of outstanding characters, but a handful stand out as the most formidable in combat. Since its introduction, as new characters are introduced on a regular basis, opinions surrounding which characters are the strongest have changed significantly.

Below, we have mentioned some of the best Honkai Star Rail characters according to their respective tiers.

SS-Tier Characters

1. Jing Liu

Jing Liu

Jingliu became one of the most sought-after characters. She can easily integrate into any team you had before her arrival because she is a potent DPS without skill points.

She is a formidable opponent with her ability to do massive amounts of damage and level up her combat skills. However, adding Jingliu to your team can also be a dangerous move.

Since Jingliu’s Ultimate pulls strength from the HP of her teammates, you must utilize her with a healer.

2. Fu Xuan

Fu Xuan

Fu Xuan is one of the most fantastic characters to start battles with because of her Technique and ability to become a strong healer by activating her second trace. She also has a tremendous damage output.

Your objective should be to utilize her skill every three rounds during battles so that she may absorb damage from the team and increase her damage.

3. Dan Heng: Imbibitor Lunae

Dan Heng: Imbibitor Lunae

Dan Heng’s talents accumulate aggressive stats like ATK and Crit Dmg, making him one of the most devastating damage dealers in the game. It would be best if you always used healers and shielders to defend him because his damage rises as the fight goes on.

You may often use Dan Heng LI’s skill points without interfering with the team’s ability to use abilities by teaming him with a character that can increase his Ultimate regeneration ability.

4. Silver Wolf

Silver Wolf

As a five-star unit, Silver Wolf is a single-target damage provider in the game. She can use her abilities to apply debuffs like weakness, ATK decrease, SPD reduction, DEF reduction, and more.

Although Silver Wolf’s debuffs are excellent for boosting the damage of other team members.

5. Bronya


Bronya, as a strong support character, has abilities to augment allies’ damage in an AoE, remove debuffs, and improve movement speed and Crit Rate.

The cherry on top is Bronya’s power to provide an extra turn. You may easily do double damage or heal your squad twice by using this talent correctly.

S-Tier Characters

1. Topaz & Numby

Topaz & Numby

A five-star Fire-element character that pursues the Path of Hunt is Topaz & Numby. Topaz is the Interastral Peace Corporation’s Leader of the Special Debts Picket Team and a senior manager in the Strategic Investment Department.

Being a founding member of the “Ten Stonehearts” from an early age, Topaz’s primary skill is “debt retrieval.” Her sidekick, “Numby,” the Warp Trotter, is also able to detect “rich” locations with excellent accuracy.

2. Seele


Seele, a five-star member of the Quantum Element, adheres to the Path of Hunt. A brave and aggressive Wildfire member who was raised in Belobog’s dangerous Underworld.

She used to rely on other people to protect her, but now she seeks strength. Seele is willing to overcome any hardship in order to preserve the truth about the underground and her family’s identity.

3. Lynx


Lynx is a four-star healer designed explicitly for Blade in the Honkai Star Rail. Her ability heals a single target, while the Ultimate focuses on healing teammates as a whole.

In a turn-based game, Lynx’s unique ability to manipulate the target of opposing strikes is very advantageous.

4. Qingque


Playing Qingque, who delivers damage depending on an RNG system, is an option if the RNG in Honkai Star Rail’s warp mechanism is insufficient. During combat, she selects tiles, and her damage and status are determined by the number of tiles she possesses.

Qingque is an excellent option for players who want creative playstyles but be aware that her damage output is inconsistent.

A-Tier Characters

1. Luka


Luka is a 4-star character who travels the Path of Nihility and is a member of the Physical element. He is an expert in mixed martial arts and a part of the Wildfire.

He has the capability to defend the inhabitants of the Underworld, whether in the fight cage or on the battlefield and from a fighter to a warrior.

2. Jing Yuan

Jing Yuan

Honkai Star Rail’ Jing Yuan is a Lightning element character with five stars who travel the Path of Erudition. The commander of the Cloud Knights that leads the Xianzhou Luofu may appear to be carefree, but behind the surface, he is a thorough guy.

He is meticulous with daily matters to prevent any possible issues since he does not view salvaging a situation from impending calamity as a demonstration of wisdom.

3. Blade


Blade is a five-star, wind-element character who travels the Path of Destruction. He is a swordsman who turned into a blade and gave up his body. He swears allegiance to Destiny’s Slave and has the horrifying capacity to cure himself.

4. Bailu


Bailu is a Lightning element character with five stars who travel the Path of Abundance. A vibrant young woman of the Vidyadhara caste whose skill in healing has earned her the nickname “Healer Lady.”

She prescribes unconventional treatments like “Get a good night’s sleep” and “Stay well hydrated.” Bailu cures illnesses while keeping her eyes wholly shut because she cannot stand to see people suffer.

5. Kafka


Kafka is a Lightning element character, which allows her to attack opponents and administer debuffs for more potent effects.

Damage over Time (DoT) is a feature of most of Kafka’s abilities, and although her Ultimate deals a lot less damage than the others, it has a 100% chance of stunning opponents.

B-Tier characters

1. Clara


Clara becomes handy if you mostly rely on counterattacks in Honkai Star Rail. Compared to ordinary fundamental assaults, her follow-up attacks cause more significant damage and consume more energy. Her talent allows her to set up opponent assaults and take a lot of damage because of her tackiness.

2. Natasha


Natasha is among the top four-star healers available in the game. Her ultimate talent is powerful enough to protect friends from explosive strikes and heal them.

During the early game, her primary talent also helps destroy numerous shields by doing physical damage.

3. Yanqing


You can use Yanqing as your team’s primary DPS. With his ultimate power, he gains enormous Crit bonuses and may execute follow-up strikes that paralyze opponents. Yanqing can be a reliable damage dealer when teamed with a powerful shielder like March 7th; thus, he only needs to be replaced if a more robust five-star DPS becomes available.

4. Sampo


Sampo can bounce, and his ultimate deadly opponent a DoT debuff that causes them to take damage over several rounds.

Sampo also excels in shattering shields, one of Honkai’s primary combat duties. You can utilize him effectively by cycling between his skill and ultimate, and then you may spam basic strikes as the damage takes longer to deal with.

5. Hook


Hook attacks foes afflicted by Burn and generates more energy. You’ll need a squad that fits her play style and a Fire DPS for this to function well. Indeed, this is too much work for a four-star character; you’d be better off with Asta or Himeko.

C-Tier Characters

1. Serval


As Serval is the only one with a Lightning vulnerability, you would want her in the game to destroy enemy shields. The damage she can do with her remaining skills is not even close to that of someone like Seele.

2. Himeko


Himeko is a five-star character who travels the Path of Erudition and is of the Fire element. A daring scientist who, when the Astral Express became stuck in her home planet as a youngster.

At that point, a character in the Express showed the little child the universe, which is a whole other world from her own. Years later, when Himeko eventually fixed the train and started her ascent to the stars, she understood this was just the beginning of her adventure.

3. Dan Heng

Dan Heng

Dan Heng is a four-star character given out free of charge. As the primary damage dealer, he is sufficient to tackle all early-game stuff, but eventually, you may find yourself needing to switch to a five-star DPS unit or one of the more substantial four-star options, like Yanqing.

D-Tier Characters

1. Arlan


In the game Honkai Star Rail, you have to defend and heal your characters in addition to attacking them. Given that his talent costs HP and that his damage increases while he is low on HP, Arlan performs poorly in this circumstance.

You can’t utilize your healers and shielders, which are instrumental talents, on Arlan since his damage is too low. You may choose from a ton of different character options and gain a ton more prizes without having to give up anything.

2. Trailblazer (Physical)

Trailblazer (Physical)

The protagonist, the Trailblazer, begins their adventure as a physical harm dealer. With a basic strike that gives single-target physical damage and talent that marginally increases damage by dealing an area of effect.

Trailblazer (physical) isn’t good at destroying shields, so you’ll swap them on your squad first.

3. Herta


Herta only deals with AoE damage, which significantly reduces her usefulness as a team member. She is not as good at doing damage as other free characters like Serval, and their multipliers could be better.

Herta’s follow-up strikes can help her complete the task, but they are too situational to propel her up the ranking list.

Honkai Star Rail Codes

You may get free Stellar Jade, Credits, character, and Light Cone experience by using Honkai Star Rail coupons.

Below, we have mentioned some Honkai star rail codes:

  • KBQBEP3L8823: 50 Stellar Jade, 10K Credits
  • STARRAILGIFT: 50 Stellar Jade, 5 Bottled Soda, and 10K Credits
  • JB9BE7K5RQY3: 100 Stellar Jade, 50K Credits
  • HT8BX7JL89Z7: 100 Stellar Jade, 5 Traveller’s Guides
  • 6B9BFPK58Q3T: 100 Stellar Jade and 5 refined aether

How to Redeem these Codes

You may either redeem codes in-game or by visiting the official redemption website and logging into your account.

Steps to redeem a Honkai Star Rail code using the website:-

  • Log in to the Honkai: Star Rail redemption page on the official website.
  • Choose the appropriate server to redeem the code on the character you wish to use.
  • After entering your code, select “Redeem.”
  • To get your Prime Gaming prizes, check your in-game mail.

Steps To redeem codes in-game:-

  • Open the main phone menu (PC: ESC; PS5: settings; mobile: press the phone icon in the top-left corner of the screen).
  • At the top, above your Trailblazer Rank, choose the three dots symbol.
  • Next, select “Redemption Code.”
  • Click ‘Confirm’ after entering or pasting a working Star Rail code.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What was the Honkai Star Rail Release Date?

On 26 April 2023, Honkai Star Rail was made available for Windows and mobile platforms. On 11 October 2023, the game was officially launched on PlayStation 5.

2. Does Honkai Star Rail Provide Character Customization Options?

The game could allow players to customize their characters by giving them access to various outfits and equipment that can improve their looks and skills.

3. Can Players Switch Between Characters When Playing Honkai Star Rail?

During combat, players can often swap between multiple characters in the game. This feature makes it possible to play strategically and make use of each character’s unique skills.

Wrapping Up

Honkai Star Rail characters demonstrate the breadth and intricacy of the Honkai Impact world. Players are drawn into a complex and captivating plot that is enhanced by the distinct perspectives, histories, and skill sets that each character contributes to the game.

The game is an unforgettable gaming experience since players will indeed develop close bonds with these mysterious characters as they go through this fascinating realm.

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