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Pirates Of the Caribbean Movies in Order (June 2024)

Pirates of the Caribbean Movies in Order

Who did not see the famous adventure epic film “Pirates of the Caribbean in Order”? Its chronology now adds 4 films, and the fifth production, most likely, not the last, is just around the corner. Those who haven’t looked at any of the parts yet can only be envied. After all, they have to reveal an extraordinary world full of great adventures, vivid characters, and stunning landscapes. And, of course, you must admire the glamorous Captain Jack Sparrow. At least for just this charismatic sensation, the film is a must-see.

Directed byGore Verbinski
Rob Marshall
Espen Sandberg
Joachim Rønning
Screenplay byChristina Hodson
Ted Elliott
Terry Rossio
Jeff Nathanson
Craig Mazin
Story byStuart Beattie
Jay Wolpert
Ted Elliott
Terry Rossio
Jeff Nathanson
Based on
Pirates of the Caribbeanby Walt Disney
On Stranger Tidesby Tim Powers
Music byKlaus Badelt
Hans Zimmer
Geoff Zanelli
Produced byJerry Bruckheimer
StarringKeira Knightley
Orlando Bloom
Johnny Depp
Geoffrey Rush
Kevin McNally
Production CompaniesWalt Disney Pictures
Jerry Bruckheimer Films
Distributed byWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Running time726 minutes (1–5)
CountryUnited States
The Curse of the Black Pearl
Release Date09-Jul-03
Director Gore Verbinski
Dead Man’s Chest
Release Date07-Jul-06
Director Gore Verbinski
At World’s End
Release Date25-May-07
Director Gore Verbinski
On Stranger Tides
Release Date20-May-11
Director Rob Marshall
Dead Men Tell No Tales
Release Date26-May-17
Director Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg

Order of the Pirates of The Caribbean Movies

Artists should get different rights. Thanks to the great game of history telling you unconditionally, I want to review the film. In the film epic (a series of films), the actors are all 100%, creating vibrant, memorable images.

The lead stars are Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom, and Johnny Depp. They funnily performed their roles. According to various polls, it is believed that the role of Jack Sparrow, played by Depp, is the best on his record. On it, after the departure of Knightley and Bloom, the last photographs prevail without losing the original charm.

However, the secondary personalities are no less brilliant than the main characters. They are vivid and expansive, as well as their characters and well-thought-out history.

The chronology of the films in the article is in the order of production of the parts.


1. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

At the beginning of the first film, the audience takes to a small port town at the end of the 18th century. Young Prelestnitsa Elizabeth Swan does not last for the first year when Will will love it. And Will eventually becomes courageous and believes in feelings. But the young man does not rush, being a simple apprentice of a blacksmith. The matter is complex when the chosen one is the governor’s daughter, not just an inexperienced woman.

Perhaps, how he would go about his happiness, knew the girl, who boasts a more serious commander, but a pirate Jack Sparrow threw out to be in the city. “And how is this connected?” You ask. With the arrival of this scoundrel comes the end of the quiet and measured lives of Will and Elizabeth. The pirate’s fantasy of returning her ship and the young people expose themselves in a whirlpool of incredible events: the hunt for unknown treasures, danger at every turn, pirates, and ancient curses. And all this under the banner of “Jolly Roger“.


2. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006)

Our heroes can only dream of peace. Part II of the epic (chronology of films presented to your attention) takes the audience to an already familiar world.

Because Will and Elizabeth helped to escape Jack, they were illegally arrested by order of Lord Cutler. But he did it, not only serving the letter of the law but pursuing personal gain. Cutler is a longtime opposer of Jack Sparrow and hopes not solely to damage the pirate but to his unusual compass. One who shows the way to the treasure.

Cutler forces Will Turner to deal with him: Elizabeth’s freedom in exchange for Jack Sparrow’s magic compass. The young man can only approve and moves in search of a pirate and his committee.

Jack’s business isn’t cloudy either: if he doesn’t fulfill the oath given to him, it turns out. Davy Jones will start the Kraken hunt after him. And it’s not the right time: the pirate found information about a specific key, leading to the next treasure. Now he must find himself and what does he open?

Elizabeth is also not going to remain idle and escape captivity. Fate brings everyone together again, and how it will end is guessing.


3. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007)

The dubious final compulsion of the second part has worried fans of the movie.

After serving Lord Beckett, found by Davy Jones himself, the pirates had a rough time: the ships of the East India Company had almost destroyed the once-mighty force, and only a trio of infamous heroes could stop them.

Will and Elizabeth try to learn about the fate of Davy Jones, missing in Jack Sparrow’s cache and the way he got out of there. As a result, they negotiate with Xiao Feng, and the young people receive the ship and a card.

However, they find Jack is a sad sight. The pirate appears to be entirely by himself, which does not prevent him from cheering in the presence of friends.

Safely rescuing a friend from imprisonment, the heroes get into a new mess. The contract was signed with Qiao Fang. For which he will get Jack Sparrow and Will – the “Black Pearl”. The deadly Xiao Feng returns Jack to his old enemy, Beckett. But in exchange for information about the meeting place of the pirate lords, Jack compensates himself according to liberty.

Now the heroes will be able to save all the pirates from certain death and defeat the immortal Davy Jones. And the rate of his demise is very high, and not everyone is ready to pay for it.


4. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)

The continuation of the film slightly disappointed fans of the epic. A series of films in which many actors liked the actors unexpectedly ended the role of the main characters – Elizabeth and Villa – Knightley and Bloom left the project. The film seems to have lost its charm, as it was on the adventures of this inseparable trinity that kept everything. And the romantic component wasn’t unnecessary.

However, Jack Sparrow’s abusers continue successfully without his friends’ involvement as he is a master at the epicenter of incredible events.

Going to the aid of a pirate, a former assistant learns that someone is impersonating Jack Sparrow and sets up a team to search for the source of youth. Can Jack remember the incident?


5. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)

The fifth film of the epic was released in the summer of 2017.

Captain Sparrow is back in service. Another enemy of the charming scoundrel appears on the horizon, who dreams not only of getting Jack’s head but also of destroying all the pirates. Stopping the Sludgers and their team is only possible with the help of the magic trident Poseidon, which grants boss rights over all seas. Of course, the pirate searches for an artifact on his way to meet a new love. And it’s like, this time, everything is severe.


Pirates of the Caribbean in order – a series of films, actors, and whose roles are remembered at least once by everyone who watched at least one part of the film. The colorful, original characters expected audiences to sympathize, laugh and cry. I hope that the fifth part will be a success, despite the audience’s skepticism.

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